The Underground

The Underground | 06/04/23

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    The Underground | 06/04/23 MonkeyBoy Radio

Here’s Who’s Rockin’ This Week on The Underground

Crashing Wayward – Closer

Saul – A Million Miles

Stitched Up Heart – To The Wolves

Point North – Safe & Sound

Outline In Color – Super Ego

Stitch Nine – You Don’t Want This

Tamen Rayy – The Gift

Arson City – Hell Of A Ride

Inimical Drive – Nothing New

For The Fallen Dreams – Without You

The Impulsive – Chemicals Collide

Fatal Fall – Holding My Breath

Hell Vendetta – Civil Seizure

Stem Cells – Dog

Crashing Wayward

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Saul Facebook Link

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Stitched Up Heart

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Point North

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Outline In Color

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Stitch Nine

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Tamen Rayy

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Arson City

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Inimical Drive

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For The Fallen Dreams

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The Impulsive

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Fatal Fall

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Hell Vendetta

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Stem Cells

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The Underground

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