The Underground

The Underground | 10/22/23

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    The Underground | 10/22/23 MonkeyBoy Radio

Here’s Who’s Rockin’ This Week on The Underground

Emphatic – Put Down The Drink
Through Fire – Dead Winter
Arson City – Separate Ways
The Impulsive – Chemicals Collide
Saul – More Of The Same
Reviver – Exsanguinate
Hell Vendetta – Brain Eater
Stitch Nine – You Don’t Want This
Tamen Rayy – Crazy World
Destrophy – Damned
Ultra Violet Fever – Black Clouds
Virgin Mary Pistol Grip – Give Me A Reason
Display Case – Get Out
Widow 7 – Wake The Dead


Emphatic Facebook Link

Through Fire

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Arson City

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The Impulsive

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Saul Facebook Link

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Hell Vendetta

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Stitch Nine

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Tamen Rayy

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Destrophy Facebook Link

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Ultra Violet Fever

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Virgin Mary Pistol Grip

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Display Case

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The Underground

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