Saul with Varsity, Divide The Fall, Fatal Fall & New Age Crisis Review

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It was a cold night in Sioux City, but if you were at The Marquee it was hot as hell, as the stage was on fire with amazing local regional and national talent.  The night kicked off with New Age Crisis, and I wish I got to see more of their set, but I went backstage to check out the new Saul videos.  More on that in a minute.  New Age Crisis, put on a solid set from what I did see, I’m looking forward to seeing them again, If you get the chance to see them, they are young and hungry and talented.  A great combination to make music!  Now..  While New Age Crisis was playing I was able to go backstage and hang out with the boys of Saul, they have recorded 5 new music videos to support their new album.  And let me tell you, these tracks are going to explode.  I have a feeling that these guys are on the cusp of greatness, where few bands get to.   I honestly cant remember the names of all the tracks but I can say that “One In A Million” (I think is the title) is gonna be a huge hit.  We’re talkin’ #1 smash gold record possibilities.  I think radio will be spinning this in heavy rotation.  I know we at MonkeyBoy Radio will be.  All of the songs were very diverse musically but yet stayed in the groove of Saul.  They’ve really matured and grown in leaps and bounds since i first started spinning them over a decade ago.  The other titles of the songs, I can’t remember I just know they all were awesome.  So much energy so much passion.  Everyone who was in the room listening and watching the videos was as excited as I was about the songs.  So keep an eye out in February 2023 for new music from Saul it is going to be a game changer I think.  Back to the show.

Next up was Fatal Fall of Sioux City.  They have some energy holy cats..  Very heavy, very gritty, vocals are I would say Screamo, they had a real groove, I really enjoyed their set.  I also was able to get some music from them, so I will be spinning them on The Underground very soon.

Next up was Divide The Fall out of Minneapolis, great set from them, we’ve been spinning them on The Underground fairly regularly so it was fun to get to see their live show.  Lots of energy, songs were packed with hooks and you could tell the crowd was in to them.  By the way let me say for a Wednesday night in Sioux City, they had a really good turn out.  Divide the fall even got the crowd to sing along, by teaching us the lyrics.  Great job by them.  I got the chance to meet a couple of the guys. the lead singer was really cool.


Next up was Vrsty from New York!   These guys tore it up.  Lots of energy, I enjoyed watching the guitar player who I met later, the way he was jammin’ on that guitar was awesome!    He didn’t have a lot of room, but he used every bit of what he did have to entertain!  That goes for the whole band.  If you get the chance to see them, highly advise checking them out.  Their set was about 1/2 hour of all killer no filler.

Finally the hometown boys returned!  Saul hit the stage, and let me preface this by saying I’ve known these guys for a long time, I’ve seen them many times, but tonight i saw them go from a local band to a national touring artist.  They’re all grown up!  They have matured so much and their show has gotten soooo good.  The light show was intense, and outstanding, really added to their performance!  This is actually the first time I’ve seen Saul as a 4 piece.  Last time I saw them it was just 3 guys.  Lots have changed since then!  The addition of Myles and Will have really rounded out their sound and stage presence.

They started their show off with their brand new tune Jack & Jill, and it was a great way to kick it off!  Highlights included Looking To Fight, King Of Misery, Trial By Fire, Rise As Equals, Sticks & Stones, Brother, they played mostly stuff off their first album Rise As Equals.  Which if you haven’t gotten already, what are you waiting for, go pick that puppy up.  A great night for rock in Sioux City, and with the new album and videos that are coming, Saul are set to have a break out year!  I have a feeling the next time Saul plays Sioux City they will have outgrown The Marquee, a great and wonderful venue, but only holds so many people.  I think they’ll be playing a bigger stage soon!  I love intimate shows like this though, they are the best.  But to see Saul play huge festival main stages, is where I see them soon.  Thank you to the boys of Saul for treating me to a great time.  I can’t wait to see the explosion of their popularity, this new album is gonna turn heads!  My appologies for the video and photos not being great, i need a new phone.

Written by: Andy

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