The Underground

The Underground | 10/16/22

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    The Underground | 10/16/22 MonkeyBoy Radio

Here’s Who’s Rockin’ This Week on The Underground

Virgin Mary Pistol Grip – Battle Creek

Core – Ugly October

Dusty Grant – I Think I’m Okay

Widow7 – Fire

Tamen Rayy – The Gift

By The Thousands – Soul Conductor

Emblem Faction – Over Soul

Hell Vendetta – Civil Seizure

Crooked Royals – Ill Manor

In Search Of Solace – Oathbreaker

New Age Crisis – Villains

GhostCat – Doggo

Minority Falls – Your Name

Stoned Crow – Long Way

Virgin Mary Pistol Grip


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Dusty Grant

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Tamen Rayy

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By The Thousands

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The Emblem Faction

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Hell Vendetta

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Crooked Royals

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In Search Of Solace

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New Age Crisis

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Minority Falls

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Stoned Crow

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The Underground

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